Headquartered at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and Established in the year 2007, Bean Architect Electronics Private Limited is a privately owned Electronic Security Systems provider company. We constantly stay up-to-date to ensure security continuity for the users. This is the challenge we prefer to solve in convenient way. We thrive on making complex situations more flexible, effective and easier for our patrons to manage.

For last seven years, our promoters have been working towards developing the technologically advanced and intuitively designed security solutions. Electronic and computerized products and services are based on set industry standards. By the help of our team of handpicked and experienced engineers we have provided varied system solutions across India.

In the corporate world, security threats are very prone to happen. That’s the reason we exist for by offering complete satisfaction. We use leading access control, video, location based security and intrusion brands to secure homes and work places of our precious customers. Prepared by engineers from different domains, our security integration units allow our customers to have complete safe of the residential and commercial premises.

To react to movement of intruders, fire, smoke, flooding, environmental conditions, industrial processes and other hazards at homes and work places, our products and services are best. Our products are used in commercial, residential, institutional, industrial and governmental sector.

All Services

Bean Architect offers a wide range of CCTV solutions for video surveillance in offices, homes, industries and outdoor premises.

We deal only in Mumbai.

Our CCTV solutions are designed operate in diverse environments, providing features such as:

Core security and surveillance measures

High-quality video, regardless of lighting conditions

24/7 operation with minimal down-time, zero maintenance

Up to 15 days - 1 month backup of videos

Ease of use, for non-technical users

Remote monitoring and and management (LAN, WAN, Mobile)

Analog vs IP CCTV Solutions:

In most security situations, Analog CCTV is still an appropriate technology choice due to its durability and lower initial costs. Standalone setups, where remote integration with WAN, and constant remote surveillance is not required- are ideal for Analog CCTV installations.

Analog CCTV essentially refers to a solution that utilizes electronic CCTV cameras that send raw video feeds to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), through a dedicated data cable network.

IP CCTV Systems utilize the TCP/IP networking protocol for transmitting video data to a Network Video Recorder in digital format. These systems may utilize existing LAN/WAN networks for their connectivity.

IP CCTV is ideal in setups where there is a need for remote surveillance, use of existing networks and integration into a WAN. Apart from the higher initial costs, IP CCTV’s advantages are that it is very easily expandable- more cameras and video storage can be added without any major changes to the installation.

This device offers secure and audit-able access to secure installations, offices, and sensitive areas which is necessary for organizations present in the market.Bean Architect provides best-in-class solutions for a wide range of Access Control requirements. These solutions are preseted with full software development (where needed), reporting and support services.

We deal only in Mumbai.

Solution Highlights :

Latest products from Honeywell, HID, Rosslare, Solus and Smart-i

Highly durable and cost-effective solutions

Identity cards, time & attendance and access logging - all easily provided

Sophisticated systems, multi-door systems, time & factor dependent systems

Bean Architect offers the following ACS Technologies:

Biometric Systems: Fingerprint, Retina and Hand Geometry

Proximity Card Systems: Mifare, HID and ProxCard

Smartcard Combo Systems: Dual layer security, requiring a combination of Biometric, Card and password for access.

Our firm offers Intrusion Detection systems which are based on different wired as well as wireless sensor techniques, to keep homes and offices safe from any hazard.

We deal only in Mumbai.

These detection systems include:

Motion Sensor networks

Door/window sensors

Industrial sensors- shutters, Metal barricades, vehicle gates etc

Smart Fences, Active Barriers

Customized Solutions:

Bean Architect specializes in developing customized systems, tailored to the needs of the client and the site. We have years of experience in:

Large warehouse and Distribution Centers.

Corporate Offices with upto 5,000 employees.

Networked systems, integrating ACS across wide geographies.

Perimeter security- securing large compounds, sensitive zones.

Fire Detection system is the first safety thing and a necessity in small and large business setup. Bean Architect specializes in designing and implementation of fire detection systems.

We deal only in Mumbai.

Solutions Range:

Addressable and Zone-divided systems for large setups

Non-addressable systems for medium/small setups

Wireless Systems for smaller offices and homes

Standalone Detectors for residential/small commercial use

Durable in frame, these Public Address Systems are offered to the customers in many devices. Easy to operate these systems are damage proof and require less electricity supply to work. In addition to this, these systems are made in different watts to address crowd. Best electronic material is embedded in this system.

We deal only in Mumbai.

Features :

Multiple devices

Easy to use

Shock proof

Bean Architect is a provider of specialist Audio and Video Solutions with the following Specifications.

We deal only in Mumbai.

Specifications :

Auditoriums from 100-1000 seats

Performance spaces (with high precision acoustics)

Conference Rooms (with integration of Video Conferencing, multiple displays, wireless audio, video, data and more)

Public Address (PA) Systems for public facilities, airports, hotels, offices, industry, parks, malls and entertainment complexes

Congress Audio Systems for government and industry

We are highly praised by the customers for offering Encrypted Data Communication Services. Our communication system is widely praised by the patrons from business world. We ensure complete safety of the important data attached in email. Additionally, we do not reveal any hidden terms and conditions with this communication system. Bean Architect provides cost-effective and scalable solutions for Email and Data Encryption, ideal for companies requiring highly secure, non-traceable communications.

We deal only in Mumbai.

Time And Attendance Systems:

Based on high quality electronic components, these Time and Attendance Systems are easy to install at the entry place of official areas and class rooms. These systems are directly connected to the systems of the users to mark person absent and present. Best in working, this system is quality tested and supplied in the market in complete safe packing.

Features :

Small size

Quick working

Easy to use

Note: Smartcard and Biometric Solutions for accurate recording of employee attendance and automatic payroll calculation.

Video-Conferencing System :

Customers have admired our firm for offering Video Conferencing Systems. This system provides wide range of connection for proper video conference. Efficient in performance, this system is supplied to the official users in many technical specifications. Experts of check these conferencing systems in many steps to offer our patrons complete satisfaction while using these products.

Features :


Easy to operate

Small size

Note: From simple one two one solutions to Virtual Presence Rooms, Bean Architect provides a wide range of video conference solutions.

In the sharply changing and challenging economy, budgets continue to get precise, particularly for operations and maintenance of security devices. Yet, these functions are critical to the performance and availability of clients’ systems and productivity of the firm. Firms respond by upgrading their infrastructure by embedding electronic security systems that are less labor-intensive. Also organization work for safety by employing more efficient infrastructure and service delivery models.Bean Architect provides comprehensive, skilled hardware and software repair and maintenance services in more convenient way. Bean Architect is committed to provide the optimal support for all the products it supplies and Installs at the premises of the users. In addition to this, Bean Architect is dedicated to present reliable services that enable patrons to take advantage of having our presented products.For simplicity two service levels are offered to our customers.

We deal only in Mumbai.

One is CONTRACT and other one is NON-CONTRACT.

Non - Contract Clients:

These are clients who do not wish to adopt an annual service agreement due to their own reasons.It does not alter rights of the patrons for minimum of one year statutory unconditional warranty on all offered products. Also more depending on the product factory warranty this service can be obtained in numerous options for five years or life warranty.We offer basic support on telephone to all of our non-contract clients to assist them for product installations. These telephonic services will be chargeable and cannot be guaranteed within an emergency callout situation at any place.

Contracted Clients:

Many of customers adopt a service agreement whereby all the facilities of the company are available for the user to avoid any confusion on response and responsibility. Agreements typically include:

Preventative Maintenance Visits

24hr Emergency Callout

All parts and callouts Included

IT Support

Essential Spare parts to be kept in security storage on site

4hr response emergency site engineer

System Firmware Upgrades

We’re here to help!

It is our responsibility to understand and interpret our clients needs in order to assist them to provide a secure living and working environment for its inhabitants; while working with the client we will achieve this goal by providing a total solution based on –

Product reliability sourced from qualified suppliers

Quality in depth and quality in service/span>

After sales commitment

Continuous improvement

We ensure that our customers always come first, are treated respectfully and professionally, and receive support that exceeds expectations.

Our Service Division provides all aspects of service support for our customers. Once Installation of the chosen security solution is completed the Service Division is the main point of contact for our customers. This division is responsible for the management of both commercial and field service delivery functions, including all maintenance and support requests, the handling of all requests for field service and the dispatching of field service engineers to site.

In view of the sophistication of some of these security systems, our field engineers are trained to the highest standard. In addition to the many systems installed by Bean Architect , the Service Division also uses their wide range of technical expertise to develop third party maintenance agreements for customers.

A team of over 100+ fully trained engineers provides 24-hour maintenance coverage on sites throughout Navi Mumbai.

One is CONTRACT and other one is NON-CONTRACT.

Drop in your query we will be glad to assist

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