Career with us

If you are interested in a job in Vashi (Navi Mumbai), India, have talent and ready to face challenges and want to pursue a career in web development then we have golden offers for you.

Creative Saints requires candidates with basic skills such as web designing, web development, programming knowledge and prepares them for our future projects.

Current Openings are listed below. Deserving Candidates can send their resume as an attachment to

  Web Designer

  Graphic Designer

  PHP Developer

  SEO & Web Marketer

  Web Developer - LAMP/ Joomla

Web Designer

Duties and Responsibilities

  To design Web sites and ensure that they are visually effective and easy to access.Liaising closely with the customer or client at the design stage to answer

  Questions such as: why is the site needed, who is the target audience, who are the leading competitors,etc.

  Advising the client on the categories and information needed to construct the site.

  Designing a draft site for client approval or modification.

  Writing web pages in a combination of codes such as hypertext mark-up language (HTML), JavaScript, CSS, Flash.

  Design and distribute newsletters and other documents relating to the company's website.

  Conduct presentations, internally and externally, to promote the company web site and its services.

  Testing the web sites for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions.

  To upload the websites on to the Internet.

  Follow Quality Control system.

  Provide a detailed weekly report to your manager.

  Create web content, web graphics, multimedia and creative writing content for client websites.

  Perform updating and maintenance for client web sites.

  Creation of documentation for client web sites.

   Publication of client web site on the Internet.

  Perform manual and/or electronic search engine registrations for client web sites.

  Search engine optimization.

  Providing technical support for clients.

  Web site development and design, strategy session participation and coordination, minute taking for production meetings.

  Upselling clients on more features.

  Providing technical support for clients.

  Maintaining maintenance files and tracking of your time for all clients to ensure profitability to the company on any extra billing.

Skills / Attributes Required:

  A strong online portfolio displaying user-centred design, and ideally some experience with web database solutions.

  Ability to Hand Code with HTML

  Strong knowledge of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, JavaScript and Flash.

  Knowledge in Art, Design or Media.

  In depth knowledge of current web-design trends and techniques.

 A flexible attitude with proven experience of working in a small team.

  Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.

For Employers Website:

Duties design, creates, update and modifies existing departments web page content; graphic design/layout and code; responsible for ensuring that the website operates as expected; maintains consistency of website; ensure hyperlinks to other www are current; provide service in responding to questions/requests/complaints from users; update marquee messages; assist in the of design of marketing materials, fliers, brochures, and apparel, etc.; responsible for distributing fliers to campus locations and all residence halls; other duties as assigned.